Federal Fleet Services installs cutting edge MARSS NiDAR counter-UAS capability on the Combat Support Ship Asterix

We had the privilege to visit the Combat Support Ship Asterix when it was in port at Canadian Forces Base Esquimalt, in British Columbia, Canada.

The Asterix is owned and operated by Federal Fleet Services, and its services are leased to support the Royal Canadian Navy (and allies).

In recognizing threats posed to ships, Federal Fleet Services has funded a multi-million dollar investment of the MARSS NiDAR Counter-UAS system on Asterix. The system, powered by MARSS’ proprietary Hybrid Intelligence approach, integrates a suite of sensors to create a highly accurate and rapid means of detecting, classifying and neutralising threats. The multi-domain surveillance and Counter-UAS system is suited for both land-based and offshore applications.

In this video you will hear from John Schmidt, the President and CEO of Federal Fleet Services, and from Ryan Walker, IT Communications Manager at Federal Fleet Services who gives a detailed description of the MARSS NiDAR system. Our thanks to Federal Fleet Services and the men and women of the Combat Support Ship Asterix for their hospitality during our visit. Go Bold!

Watch the video Here