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By combining the people, expertise and best-practices from the international commercial marine industry with a team of experienced naval and coast guard officers, we deliver a lean and productive service which perfectly inter-connects with the government. That means our team is extremely familiar with government practices and regulations regarding ship handling, operations, maintenance and cargo handling.

With intricate knowledge of what our governmental client needs, it enables us to be wholly solution-focused in achieving their strategic and operational objectives. Crucially, this means having a ship and its crew ready to perform 24/7, 365 days per year.


Our partnership with the world’s largest ship management company means we are able to call on a plethora of skills, people and services which allow us to access the best global solutions. With the purchasing power and intervention capability they have from managing over 1,000 ships worldwide, it means we can do that in the most cost-efficient manner. That’s a benefit we pass on to our governmental clients and in turn, the taxpayer. It also means that no matter where the ship is deployed, we won’t be far from one of V.Ships’ global support offices.

Our management system

Federal Fleet Services makes use of V.Ships’ propriety management sytems, which provides access for all parties, both ashore and at sea to the information, procedures and modules they need to ensure unhindered operations.

Our operational management systems are based on a lifecycle management approach. That means making sure we have the right things at the right time but also premeditating and predicting when parts, equipment and machinery will need to be replaced – before it goes wrong. Acting early means the best possible solutions for their replacements.

When we buy anything for our managed fleet, we leverage our membership of the MARCAS contracting association to provide our clients with the benefits received through commodities and volume services agreements with over 130 suppliers.

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