Sarah McMillan

Chief of Staff

Sarah joins Federal Fleet Services after having served in a variety of Canadian frigates, destroyers and HMCS Preserver as a Maritime Surface Officer before accepting an occupational transfer to Personnel Selection for a combined total of almost 26 years. She was appointed to an Assistant Professor position within the Department of Military Psychology and Leadership at Canada’s Royal Military College (RMC) and taught, in both official languages with a focus on Military Leadership, Professionalism and Ethics, Organizational Behaviour, Combat Psychology and Human Resource (HR) Management. She also worked extensively in Halifax as the senior Personnel Selection Officer for Maritime Forces Atlantic. As a Commander, Sarah worked at the National Defence Headquarters for the Director Military Personnel Operational Research and Analysis as the Operational Effectiveness and Leadership (OEL) Team Leader conducting cutting-edge and award winning behavioural science research in applied military settings. She was also a member of several Royal Canadian Navy and Canadian Armed Forces’ strategic staffs and served with NATO in Kabul, Afghanistan, mentoring the Afghan Army’s top leadership in matters related to Strategic HR, for which she earned a Commander’s Commendation.