Federal Fleet Services announces OMX as supply chain management platform to connect, manage and track Canadian economic impacts

October 21, 2015, TORONTO, ON – OMX (Offset Market Exchange Inc.), a Canadian pioneer of global offset management software, has been chosen as the supply chain management platform for Federal Fleet Services. Federal Fleet Services is part of the Inocea Group of Companies which also owns Chantier Davie Canada Inc., Canada’s largest and highest capacity shipbuilder. The secure, web-enabled application engineered by OMX, will provide Project Resolve with the capability to connect with Canadian industry, manage supply chain opportunities, track, analyze and report on real time data and economic impacts from its pan-Canadian industrial base during the life of the program. “We were delighted to have OMX on our team since the start of our capture efforts.” said Spencer Fraser, CEO of Federal Fleet Services “There is no other platform like this in Canada, and quite frankly the world, that so easily assists a company to capture, analyze, articulate and visualize all of the economic impacts of its project”.

Federal Fleet Services is a groundbreaking commercial solution to provide the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) with At-Sea Support Services through the conversion of a modern container ship into a state-of-the-art Auxiliary Oiler Replenishment (AOR) ship. The Resolve-class ship will serve as the RCN’s next AOR from the summer of 2017. Project Resolve has assembled a remarkable team of Canadian Tier 1 suppliers, including Hepburn of Toronto, L3 MAPPS of Montreal, DRS of Ottawa, OSI of Vancouver, AECON of Pictou NS and Navtech of Quebec City.

OMX has also been engaged by Federal Fleet Services to power the first of its kind Sailor Input Survey, allowing current and former Canadian military personnel to give direct input to the ship’s designers and engineers to improve the quality of life on board the vessel.

The OMX technology will also provide real time tracking of the economic benefits from Federal Fleet Services by leveraging its Analyze data analytics. All businesses supplying to Project Resolve will be registered through theomx.com for accurate tracking. This will also include suppliers that will be identified through an extensive research of lower Tier companies linked to the program, where the majority of SME benefits tend to be. This analysis will leverage custom Economic Impact Multipliers developed by Statistics Canada in concert with OMX, which will provide a more thorough picture of Project Resolve’s supply chain and its overall downstream economic impacts for industry and the Canadian economy. Project Resolve has committed to engage Canadian suppliers from coast-to-coast and report on the regional, technological and economic benefits from the program. The secure OMX search engine will house Requests For Information (RFIs) and Requests For Proposal (RFPs) from Project Resolve and its Tier 1 suppliers. Business opportunities will be posted internally as required, providing open access to Canadian industry to participate in the program. “We are proud to work with Federal Fleet Services to provide open access to opportunities for Canadian industry” said Nicole Verkindt, President of OMX. “Instead of talking about how this is good for Canada, Project Resolve will be showing Canada the data – on regional and small business impacts, jobs, GDP impact and long term indirect benefits”.

If you are a naval supplier and would like to be consider by Federal Fleet Services, please join our online supplier registry at: https://theomx.com/companies/10661-davie-canada

Nicole Verkindt, President of OMX & Spencer Fraser, CEO of Federal Fleet Servcies